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It's a straight forward yet comprehensive spam filter for Outlook combining Bayesian filtering with smart white lists and works with all accounts...

Heinz Tschabitscher, email.about.com

"Windows Internals" Author

I'm very pleased with Spam Reader - it does a better job than built-in Outlook junk mail filter. I receive much spam and your product is a big help for me.

David Solomon, www.solsem.com

Our Users

I would like to say "Thank You!" to your team for providing an amazing piece of software that has helped my life a million times over. Spam Reader is really great software!

Andy Jaikissoon

"Mark As Read" Options

By default, all incoming spam messages are directed to spam folder and marked as unread. In order to help users to easy distinguish 100% spam from "not sure" spam emails Spam Reader allows to mark "as Read" only those spam messages which were filtered by particular, trusted algorithms. You can customize the list of trusted algorithms on General tab of program options.

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